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City of Grand Terrace Tackles Rabies

By Malika Miller
Staff Writer
2017-05-10 at 14:49:05

GRAND TERRACE>> As Spring draws to a close and Summer begins to creep in on us, residents all over will begin to see an increase in insects, birds, and stray cats and dogs.

Spring is sometimes referred to as the season of "Life" and it is for this reason that summer becomes increasingly more dangerous for house pets and the people who live with them.

Warmer temperatures mean that people will spend more time outside and a lot more time conversing with nature.

A lot of those outside adventures will include pets, and while it's great to be able to kick back with "mans best friend", residents need to be aware that with Spring being the season of life, the chance that their pets will encounter an animal with rabies increases exponentially.  

According to the  American Humane Society, Rabies, a viral infection that can infect any warm animal, has no cure and is spread through saliva. 

The American Humane Society lists racoons, bats, skunks and foxes as being the largest carriers of Rabies. Furthermore, rabies is transmittable to humans and is found in domestic pets at an average of 400 to 500 a year. 

The risk of your pet catching rabies is not just limited to a simple day at the lake. Squirrels, birds, and other potentially rabies carrying animals that make it backyards, can also put local pets in danger.  

 To combat the danger of rabies, the City of Grand Terrace will be hosting a low cost rabies vaccination clinic at Grand Terrace City Hall. 

The clinic will take place on Thursday, May 18, 2017, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at 22795 Barton Road. 

The vaccination cost is $10.00 and the AVID microchipping is $20.00 

For more information, visit the Grand Terrace city website at or call 909-824-6621 for more information. 

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