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GTHS Athlete of the Week – Emily Thiessen

By Titan Mom Elvira
Community Writer & Photographer
02/07/2024 at 08:38 AM

Emily Thiessen sounds like an incredibly driven and well-rounded individual. Her dedication to both academics and soccer is impressive, especially considering her busy schedule. It's evident that she values her education and enjoys being involved in extracurricular activities like playing soccer with the Riverside Milan Club.


Emily’s diverse set of hobbies, from spending time with friends to watching horror movies and hanging out with her beloved pets Coco and Pinky, showcases her interests outside of academics and sports.


Her achievements, such as being on the ACES and principal's honor roll, reflect her hard work and commitment to excellence in her studies. It's heartening to hear that Emily finds motivation from her parents to continuously improve herself.


Her aspirations to pursue a career as a registered nurse and travel the world demonstrate her ambitious nature and desire to make a positive impact on others. The quote she chose to share, "appreciate every moment," highlights her gratitude and mindfulness in life.


Overall, Emily Thiessen is a remarkable individual with a bright future ahead of her. It’s wonderful to learn about Emily Thiessen's achievements and aspirations. She seems to have a well-rounded personality with a strong focus on both academics and sports. Her dedication to soccer and maintaining high academic standards is commendable. It's also great to see that she values her family, friends, and coaches who have supported her along the way.

Emily is thankful and appreciates being chosen as Athlete of the Week!!! She wants to thank everyone that has helped her get to this place and her father and mother ae on top of the list. Her father inspires her aggressive play style, and her mother always motivates her to get better.

She also thanks her brother Jacob for keeping her tough by always arguing and fighting with her, but she knows it is out of love.

Emily also wants to thank her Grand Terrace Community Soccer Club coaches, Noris Rhodius and Richard Irwin. They taught her a lot about not only soccer, but teamwork, attitude, discipline, attention to detail, and how a team can work hard together and become a family. 

Congratulations to this Lady Titan and I wish her all the best in her future endeavors. She sure has a bright future ahead of her.