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Congratulate Your Grad!

Memorialize your children's achievements in a historical way by publishing them in your local newspapers, and online.

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With graduation season just around the corner, parents and grandparents will want to highlight this next chapter of their special student’s life in a memorable way, and what better way to do that in the City News Group local newspaper, and online for the world to see how proud you are of them and their accomplishments.

In today’s times, moments, events, and news are being pulled into the online versions of things, and leaving the public with less tangible and significant items to keep and cherish. You can even order a plaque prior to the publication and use them as a table center piece. You can even use them in the old fashioned scrapbook or postcards that you can send out.

It’s time to celebrate life!

That is why at City News Group we want to welcome everyone who is proud of their graduate to be a part of our graduation hardcopy issue. This special edition, on May 25th, is open to students of all kinds who are celebrating the next step in their lives, and leaving them with a moment imprinted in the news evermore.

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Thank you for submitting your graduation publication! City News Group is happy and honored to be highlighting your special grad’s success. This special issue will be published May 25, 2023 and soon, their accomplishments will be imprinted in the news and memorialized online for all to see.

It’s time to celebrate life!

It’s time to celebrate life!

Please print and keep this page for your records.

Thank you for sharing with City News Group. Have a wonderful day!

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