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San Bernardino Valley College Hosts Riverside's "Keys to a Brighter Future"

By Stella Pierce
Community Writer
07/08/2024 at 02:41 PM


The San Bernardino Valley College Auditorium recently came alive with the sounds of melodic piano music as it hosted Riverside’s annual "Keys to a Brighter Future" piano extravaganza. This year’s event, featuring students from the Inland Empire and beyond, showcased the remarkable talent and dedication of young pianists from Riverside, Fontana, Arizona, and even as far as Lebanon.

One of the highlights of the program is its ability to inspire and motivate children to develop a love for the piano. This passion was on full display at the recent extravaganza, where students of all ages and experience levels took to the stage. The audience was treated to a diverse range of musical genres, each performance reflecting the dedication and skill of the young pianists.

“Giving your child the gift of piano lessons is a gift that will last a lifetime,” said Daniel Bryant host/instructor . His words resonated throughout the auditorium as students delivered performances that were both entertaining and beautiful. One standout moment came when student pianist Jonathan Arevalo took center stage, captivating the crowd with an amazing set that had everyone ready to dance.

Year after year, Bryant, along with his dedicated volunteers and employees, has built "Keys to a Brighter Future" into a program that emphasizes the importance of music education. Regardless of their circumstances, students learn not only how to play the piano but also the valuable life lessons that come with dedication and practice.

The annual extravaganza is more than just a recital; it’s a celebration of the transformative power of music. The program’s mission to provide positive, fun, and enriching piano lessons is evident in the enthusiasm and talent of its students. The event serves as a testament to the lasting impact that "Keys to a Brighter Future" has on the lives of young musicians.

For those interested in giving their child the gift of piano lessons, "Keys to a Brighter Future" offers both in-home and online lessons. For more information, please contact 951-400-KEYS (951-400-5397) or visit their website at


The San Bernardino Valley College Auditorium’s hosting of this year’s piano extravaganza was a resounding success, highlighting the incredible talent within the community and reaffirming the program’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians.