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City News Group, Inc - Sweepstakes Contract

Let's stay safe together (COVID-19) Special

Online Sweepstakes Advertising Agreement

In consideration of the reduced contract rate at which this space is sold in the designated web site, the undersigned advertiser agrees to purchase retail display advertising at rates included on City News Group, Inc.’s Rate Sheet for Online Advertising dated 04/30/20 for a period of week(s), beginning and ending consecutively.

Ad Size
Per week
Per week
Per week
Per week
Degree of
Contract ✖
Impact Subtotal
Cities of Placement
(Circle of applicable)
# of cities
Sub Total
Front Page Ads
LB 728 ✖ 90 $70.00 $65.00 $60.00 $55.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
SkyLA 160 ✖ 300 $45.00 $42.00 $39.00 $35.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
SkyLB 160 ✖ 300 $30.00 $27.00 $25.00 $23.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
SkyLC 160 ✖ 150 $20.00 $18.00 $17.00 $15.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
SkyRA 160 ✖ 300 $30.00 $27.00 $25.00 $23.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
SkyRB 180 ✖ 300 $33.00 $30.00 $28.00 $25.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
SkyRC 180 ✖ 150 $26.00 $24.00 $22.00 $20.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
AB1 428 ✖ 112 $46.00 $42.00 $39.00 $35.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
Page Ads
CalE 250 ✖ 200 $20.00 $18.00 $17.00 $15.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
CalEBC 250 ✖ 150 $13.00 $12.00 $11.00 $10.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
CalSkyRA 120 ✖ 360 $11.00 $10.00 $9.00 $8.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
CalSkyRB 120 ✖ 240 $9.00 $8.00 $7.00 $6.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
CalSkyRC 120 ✖ 120 $7.00 $6.00 $5.00 $4.00 = CC GT LL MV RD SB =
*To clear your selection, please select the Ad Name you want to clear. Total:  

     Sweepstakes Rules for Advertisers

  1. Through this program City News Group, Inc. Sweepstakes will draw the customers to your business, and you the advertiser can utilize this opportunity to market your products and/or services to the customer at that time. You will have customers reading your menus, looking at your product and making a memory of your business every day. Every entry will also automatically take each customer directly to your website
  2. In order to participate and for the sake of consistency, we will require the advertiser to commit to advertise until December 3, 2020
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to submit the entry form to
  4. Each advertiser must allow the small contest “cash logo” to be printed and placed within their respective online advertisement
  5. Each advertiser must provide a prize with a minimum of $30.00 in value or more per month. This cannot be a discount off services. It must be a “hard dollar” gift, and it will be used for the weekly drawings.
  6. When a customer is awarded the gift, the customer and the advertiser supplying the gift will be showcased in The City News with an article and a photo of the customer with the awarded weekly gift. The Customer must supply the photo.
  7. Participating advertisers agree to hand out an informational postcard to each customer. The informational postcard will have the advertiser’s information on one side and the CNG, Inc. Sweepstakes information on the other side.
  8. All drawings will be held on Thursdays
  9. City News Group, Inc. Sweepstakes staff and employees are not eligible to participate. Advertisers, however, are eligible, but only by visiting another participating advertiser’s online advertisement on the City News website
  10. City News Group, Inc. Sweepstakes reserves the right to modify the rules without notice in regards to unforeseen circumstances
  11. The advertiser agrees to have their payment card set up on an auto-pay for their monthly payments. Unless you notify us before the end of your contract that you do not want to auto renew, you understand your contract will automatically renew and you authorize us (without notice to you) to collect the then-applicable contract price using any payment method we have on record for you.
  12. City News Group, Inc. will include 2 hours of design time for the advertiser's ad. This includes the ad displayed on the website and the design for the landing page after their ad has been clicked on.

     Subtract: Discounts and Specials

Discount Total(%) Discount Total:
Ad Link: Total per week:
Additional Provisions: Contract Total:

If advertiser wishes to run a larger ad during the contract period, the advertiser will be eligible for further discounts.

Please Print
The individual signing this agreement warrants that he/she has the authority to bind contractually the organization contracting for advertisement space. I have read and agree to all terms and conditions.

This agreement effective only after acceptance and signing by publisher.

Margie Miller-Publisher

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